Thursday, November 12, 2009

More garage sketch goodies

Sketch I found for a title called Tzedek that I illustrated a few years ago. More pages available here.

Blue Monster!

Another gem from the garage. Non-repo blue image of a monster or something.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Election Day with silly lyrics

I put together a stupid video of an Arcadia video, but with silly misheard lyrics and images. Here's the video, and with it the silly lyrics as I've heard them in the song.

I gotta lou to the day
Opening eyes in paleo fingers
Chetah and chetaling(?) away
citys aslay
she teething his minstrell
fully enraged shes mean and she wrestles
Sew wrestlers sew wrestlers indeed

Olive and you as they say
rumors arive but yellow is tri-force
My guard is by the way
Are you aware you'll be an aboeba?
makin' your saber behavior look evil
sues my tying but say
how'd you fit in in with this fruitland of duty?

Max and a big surprise
Your smile something new

pull my shot off and play
We sacred and bound to suffer the heat ray
pull my shot off and play
Were coming up on re-election day (I understood that!)

stretching my lung down the way
take you're a vacation scratching my bod-A
use your into it and play
Mayberry have more playtime with money

Max and a big surprise

pull my shot off and play
I'm shaving myself to suffer the heat ray
pull my shot off and play
We're coming off on re-election day

(creepy woman talks now)
Viles and bodice let us trance down in
cut-off murmors and sound of clown hands and skin
carried fervor it tangles trams
save him some tide to slip away
you can die!
Shootin' be askin'
Wild ant schemin'
Could be my election deh

Max is a big surprise
You know, something new
pull my shot off and play
We're coming off on re-election day
Re-election day
(why isn't the song called "re-election day"?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here's a tiny painting that I did for a "methods of art" course back in college. I was all about acrylics back then.

Captain Beard!

Another find from a stash of old art in the garage...

Not sure who or what this guy was about, but he's got a very colorful costume...